Yamaha Wolverine Sound System: What You Need to Know

There is something exciting about exploring the outdoors with the Yamaha Wolverine. It’s sturdy, steady, and ready to rough it out. Add on a Yamaha Wolverine sound system, and you have all the makings of a great, entertaining outdoor adventure!

The Yamaha Wolverine is a popular offroad vehicle that comes in several different models, each offering unique features and specifications:

Yamaha Wolverine RMAX2/RMAX4: featuring a versatile and powerful design. The RMAX2 is a two-seater model, while the RMAX4 is a four-seater model, making them suitable for different passenger capacities. They come with a powerful 999cc engine, advanced suspension system, selectable drive modes, and comfortable cabin features

Yamaha Wolverine X2/X4: The Wolverine X2 and X4 models are designed for extreme offroad adventures, featuring a compact and nimble design. The X2 is a two-seater model, while the X4 is a four-seater model, offering different passenger capacities. They come with a 847cc engine, advanced suspension system, Yamaha's Ultramatic transmission, and a range of offroad features.

Yamaha Wolverine EPS: This is the base model of the Yamaha Wolverine, offering a no-frills design with essential features for offroad riding. It comes with a 708cc engine, electric power steering (EPS), four-wheel drive, and durable construction.

Yamaha Wolverine R-Spec: This model is designed for trail riding and hunting, featuring a durable and capable design. It comes with a 708cc engine, Yamaha's Ultramatic transmission, advanced suspension system, and specialized offroad features such as front brush guards, overfenders, and bed rails.

Yamaha Wolverine XT-R: The Wolverine XT-R is a specialized model designed for extreme offroad adventures. It comes with a range of offroad accessories such as beadlock wheels, aggressive tires, WARN winch, and special edition graphics.

Yamaha Wolverine: The SxS That Keeps on Giving

There is nothing like the Yamaha Wolverine if you are a recreational off-roader. But Yamaha also had multitasking in mind when it created this multipurpose vehicle. The Yamaha Wolverine is known for its versatility and is commonly used for outdoor recreational activities such as trail riding, hunting, and camping.

But why is it the SXS that keeps on giving? Because the Wolverine SXS has many iterations. Every few years, Yamaha launches a new Wolverine that is better than the other. The older models are updated too.

Now that we have that out of the way, we can discuss the Wolverine’s perfect partner: A Yamaha Wolverine Sound System.


Why Get the Yamaha Wolverine Sound System?

Whether offroading for the day, racing with close friends, or camping in the desert or wilderness with your Wolverine, a stereo for Yamaha Wolverine adds that bit of extra oomph to your adventures. Every offroading enthusiast will tell you that a sound system just makes everything better.

But when it comes to offroad vehicles, you need a durable sound system since there will be a lot of bouncing during transport. It must be loud and clear because the Yamaha Wolverine X4 stereo will compete with the engine noise and environmental sounds. The sound system must also be able to withstand all types of weather and outdoor elements.

Yamaha Wolverine Sound System Types and Components

There are various types of Wolverine X4 stereo systems that can be compatible with your SxS.

Overhead Sound Bars

Overhead sound bars are a popular choice for offroad vehicles like the Yamaha Wolverine. They can be easily installed, removed or relocate. However, Sound bars are typically designed to provide sound in a specific direction, which is often forward-facing towards the riders or passengers. This means that the audio may not be evenly distributed throughout the vehicle, and those sitting at the rear or sides may not have the same audio experience as those sitting in the front. This can result in uneven sound coverage, which may not be ideal for all passengers.

Door Speakers

Door speakers are another common choice for sound systems in offroad vehicles. They are typically installed on the doors of the Yamaha Wolverine and can provide good sound quality while also saving interior space. Door speakers come in different sizes and configurations, such as component speakers or coaxial speakers, and can be mounted in factory locations or custom installations.


Roll bar speakers sound system

This is the option to go with if you are looking for an easy plug and play installation without compromising your sound quality. The speakers can be mounted easily on any roll bar. Since they are not packaged as one unit like the sound bar, they can be mounted in various locations on your Yamaha Wolverine, such as the roll bars, roof or other custom locations, depending on your preference and the layout of your vehicle. This flexibility allows you to optimize the audio positioning for the best sound performance and spatial distribution.

Yamaha Wolverine Subwoofer

If you're a bass enthusiast, a subwoofer is another addition that could provide that extra punch to your Yamaha Wolverine Sound System. Subwoofers are designed to reproduce low-frequency sounds, such as deep bass notes in music and can enhance the overall sound quality of your system. They can be installed in various locations, including Overhead, under seats, in the cargo bed, or in custom enclosures.


What to Look for When Purchasing a Sound System for Yamaha Wolverine

When purchasing a sound system for your Yamaha Wolverine, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you get the best system for your needs. Here are some key things to look for:

Compatibility: It's essential to choose a sound system that is compatible with your Yamaha Wolverine model and year. Check the specifications and requirements of the sound system to ensure that it fits properly and can be easily integrated into your vehicle.

Power Handling: The power handling capability of a UTV sound system is an important consideration, as it determines how much power the speakers can handle without distorting or getting damaged. Look for a sound system with speakers that have adequate power handling capabilities to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Sound Quality: The sound quality of a sound system is crucial for an enjoyable listening experience. Consider factors such as frequency response, sensitivity, and impedance to ensure that the sound system can deliver clear, crisp, and balanced audio that suits your preferences.

Durability: Offroad vehicles like the Yamaha Wolverine are exposed to rough conditions, so it's important to choose a sound system that is built to withstand the outdoor environment. Look for sound systems with weatherproof or marine-grade components to ensure durability and longevity.

Ease of Installation: Consider the ease of installation when choosing a sound system for your Yamaha Wolverine. Look for systems that come with detailed installation instructions and all the necessary hardware for a straightforward installation process. Alternatively, if you're not confident in your installation skills, consider professional installation services.

Budget: Set a budget for your sound system and speakers and look for options that fit within your budget while still meeting your requirements for quality and performance. Keep in mind that investing in a higher-quality sound system may provide better long-term value and performance.


Your off-roading adventure will not be complete without a Yamaha Wolverine sound system. A great SxS deserves an equally great sound system to keep the adventure more fun and entertaining. There are different types of sound systems available, including sound bars and complete sound systems with roll bar speakers. Sound bars offer convenience in installation and a sleek appearance, but they may have limitations in sound quality, customization, and mounting options. On the other hand, roll bar speakers provide superior sound quality, customization options, versatility in mounting, simpler wiring and installation, cost-effectiveness, and upgradability. They offer a more immersive listening experience and allow for tailored audio performance. Consider your preferences, budget, and audio requirements when making a decision. Whichever option you choose, a well-designed and properly installed sound system can elevate your offroad experience in your Yamaha Wolverine, bringing your adventures to life with high-quality audio performance.


yamaha wolverine sound system


How waterproof is the Yamaha Wolverine sound system?

The waterproofing of the Yamaha Wolverine sound system would depend on the specific components and speakers you choose to install. It's important to note that not all sound systems or speakers are inherently waterproof or water-resistant. However, there are options available in the market that are designed to withstand the rigors of offroad environments and offer varying levels of waterproofing.

For example, some roll bar speakers and amplifiers are designed with weather-resistant features, such as coated cones, sealed enclosures, and corrosion-resistant materials, which can help protect them from moisture, dirt, and other environmental elements. These features can provide some level of protection against splashes, rain, and dust, which are common in offroad environments.

It's important to carefully review the specifications and features of the specific roll bar speakers and amplifiers you are considering for your Yamaha Wolverine sound system to determine their waterproof or water-resistant capabilities. Look for products that are specifically labeled or marketed as "waterproof" or "weather-resistant," and check their IP (Ingress Protection) rating, which indicates their resistance to dust and water. Check out Noam Audio's waterproof UTV sound system.

Does the Yamaha Wolverine sound system come with a warranty?

Most audio manufactures offer a 1-year limited warranty. It is always recommended to review the details of the warranty and make sure you understand what is covered and what is not. For instance, it is an industry standard, that water dames and burnt voice coils are not covered by warranty.

Can the Yamaha Wolverine sound system be installed on other vehicles besides the Wolverine?

Yes. Universal sound systems are also compatible with the Yamaha Viking and Yamaha YXZ.