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The New NSUB Subwoofer

After the first version of the NSUB we were unhappy. That's the simple truth. 
Even though we received a lot of compliments for being the first to produce a bar mounted shallow subwoofer for Side by Sides, we just knew it wasn't enough.
So we sent our R&D team back to work and retooled a whole new housing.
We change the NSUB completely to a 10" woofer with a super efficient Neo motor.
We even improved the two 3"x6" passive radiators on the back of the woofer, giving it that extra flex to push the air around it!
The result are just unbelievable. This woofer will fill the lows missing from your soundbar or tower speakers.
Being able to mount a shallow subwoofer 10-15 inch behind or above the passenger's head makes all the difference. You will actually get to enjoy the bass in an open environment. 

Product Manual

Featured Specs


New 10” woofer, deep rich bass – the all new NSUB!

With the New NSUB subwoofer we used a 10” woofer with an efficient Neo motor, allowing it to be very shallow while producing AWESOME deep bass!


Passive Radiators – maximize potential

The NSUB features two very (!) responsive 3”*6” passive radiators on the back of the speaker’s housing. The passive radiators use wasted energy created by the woofer’s movement, from within the pod and translate it into low frequency sound waves. Thus, helping the woofer to show off its full potential


4 Mounting Sizes

The NOAM NSUB speaker’s mounting clamp will fit 1.5”, 1.75”, 1.85” & 2” bars. Thus, covering most of UTV models in the market today, such as Polaris RZR, ALL CANAMs and more.


Our unique QUICK-MOUNT system

Count to 60 and you have your speaker mounted NO tools needed Super strong grip After closing the handle with you hands, you can use a 13mm nut Wrench to tight the grip. Now, even Bruce-schwarzenegger-stallone-i'm-super-strong-tyson will not be able to open the handle by hand.


choose the right position of your nsub

The NSUB can be mounted in two different positions; Flat or Monitor position. Thus, allowing flexibility when installing on different applications.



The NSUB is shallow! But don’t let it fool you. Thanks to its awesome woofer and the pair of passive radiators, the sound is deeeep!

Tech Specs

  • Specifications

    • Power Rating: 400W MAX /200W RMS
    • Passive Radiator: Pair of 3”*6” water-proof
    • Sensitivity: 86 dB @ 1W/1M
    • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Marine certified


  • Size

    • Hight: 10.81”, Width: 14.57” and Depth: 4.7”

In the Box

  • "NSUB subwoofer"
  • "NSUB’s Mounting Gear"
  • " User’s Manual "