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Sound System VS Sound Bar - Which is the Best Choice for a UTV?

Sound System VS Sound Bar - Which is the Best Choice for a UTV? When it comes to enhancing the audio experience in a UTV, the choice between a sound bar and a sound system can be a difficult one. While both options offer improved sound quality over the standard speakers in a UTV, a sound system is generally considered to be the better choice for several reasons. Flexibility One of the main advantages of a sound system over a sound bar is the flexibility it offers. A sound system typically consists of separate components, such as an amplifier, speakers, and a subwoofer, which can be customized and configured to fit the specific needs of the UTV and the listener....

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The Best Waterproof Speakers For Your UTV

The Best Waterproof Speakers For Your UTV When it comes to enjoying music while out on your UTV (utility terrain vehicle), it's important to have a high-quality sound system that can withstand the elements. Waterproof speakers are a must-have for any UTV enthusiast, as they allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes no matter where your adventures take you. When shopping for waterproof UTV speakers, there are a few key factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to look for speakers that are truly waterproof, not just water-resistant. Water-resistant speakers can handle a little bit of splashing or rain, but they won’t hold up to being fully submerged in water. True waterproof speakers, on the other hand, are designed...

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Choosing the right Sound system for your UTV

Whether it is an outdoor party, a camping trip, or just a weekend drive on your UTV, choosing the right sound system to match your vehicle is essential to set the mood and have the best experience.  When considering which type of UTV sound system to purchase, there are two main types – UTV sound systems that include speakers with built in amplifiers (active speakers) and UTV sound systems with speakers that require an external amplifier  (passive speakers). This article will cover some of the different features in these sound systems and review Noam audio’s NUTV5 UTV Sound system.  Active vs Passive speaker systems | What’s the difference? Purchasing speakers can be intimidating with the variety of sizes, styles, and...

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A Buyer's Guide To The Best Budget UTV Sound System

A UTV is an adventurous vehicle that is impeccable for thrill-seeking drives on muddy, sandy, or rugged terrains. Blasting your favorite music really kicks the UTV experience up a notch, making the ride even more enjoyable.  However, you need the best budget UTV sound system to ensure you can feel the beat and quality sound over its loud engine noise. This buying guide will help you pick out the best UTV sound system that produces top-quality sound and fits your budget. Before getting into the product reviews, you should know how to choose the best UTV sound system.  HOW TO PICK THE BEST UTV SOUND SYSTEM?  One of the key accessories of any UTV is its sound system. Having the...

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