Choosing the right Sound system for your UTV

Whether it is an outdoor party, a camping trip, or just a weekend drive on your UTV, choosing the right sound system to match your vehicle is essential to set the mood and have the best experience. 

When considering which type of UTV sound system to purchase, there are two main types – UTV sound systems that include speakers with built in amplifiers (active speakers) and UTV sound systems with speakers that require an external amplifier  (passive speakers). This article will cover some of the different features in these sound systems and review Noam audio’s NUTV5 UTV Sound system. 

Active vs Passive speaker systems | What’s the difference?

Purchasing speakers can be intimidating with the variety of sizes, styles, and prices on the market. One of the choices you’ll have to make is whether to purchase active or passive speakers. In short, active speakers also referred to as powered speakers have a built-in amplifier and need to be plugged into a power source . They don’t require additional parts to produce audio. Passive speakers on the other hand don’t have built in amplifiers, they require an external amplifier and are not plugged in straight to a power source.  The quality of the sound produced by the passive speakers highly depends on the compatibility between the speakers and the amplifier which powers them. 

Passive Speakers

Active speakers


Do not require power to function

Require power to function

External amplifier

Requires an external amplifier 

Have built in amplifiers

Weight and Size

Relatively smaller and light weight and take less space

Relatively bulkier and heavier since they require room for the internal amplifier 

Set up

Requires external components and cabling.

Fewer external components.

Upgrade option

Available, since other amps can be paired

Not available since they only work with their internal amplifier


Relatively easier since speakers are separated from the amplifier

More complex since they have an integrated amplifier


Usually lower in price

Usually higher in price

Sound quality | How loud should the speakers be?

There are some factors that one must take into consideration when choosing the right UTV sound system.

Whether it’s a noisy engine or a UTV that is not fully enclosed, in either of these cases, it is recommended to choose UTV speakers with a power rating of at least 50 Watts RMS.

That way you make sure they are heard over the engine and wind.

Waterproof rating - water proof, water resistant or weatherproof | What to look for?

There is entire science behind waterproof ratings.

Usually audio equipment is marked with some IPX rating.

IP stands for “Ingress Protection” and measures how well a device is protected from both solid objects and liquids.

In order to be labeled as IPX rated, a product must undergo rigorous testing by a certified independent company.

It is recommended to check for the IPX rating of the different components of the sound system.

Minimum requirement should be IPX6.

The table below demonstrates all the available ratings:


Waterproofing Details


Product has no special protection from water


Product can resist water that drips vertically on top of it


Product can resist water that hits at a 15° angle or less.


Product can withstand water sprays of up to 60°.


Product is resistant to water splashes from any direction


Product can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray


Product can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water


Product can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes


Can be submerged deeper than 1 meter

Noam Audio offers lightweight, compact passive speakers - small packaging with big sound!

A side-by-side audio system is a great option for any UTV. In this product review, we will outline the NUTV5 sound system that is currently gaining traction in the market as the best value for money Bluetooth speaker for your Side by Side.

The NUTV5 Series

This is one of the best UTV Bluetooth systems out there. Not only does it feature a new and improved subwoofer, its amplifier has also been revamped.

The NUTV5 series is equipped with a marine graded HS4 amplifier, N5 waterproof speakers and a bluetooth controller.

The N5 speakers are perfectly paired with the HS4 amplifier which allows them to produce  a crisp sound quality even at full volume.

Both amp and speakers are produced using the best materials and production techniques which makes them extremely durable and water and weatherproof. 

They are specifically designed for UTVs so they can handle any weather or rough terrain.

The NUTV5 Side X Side speakers series includes:

  • 5.25’’ 75W RMS marine grade UTV speakers with an increased bass experience which provides a much bigger sound.
  • A 4-channel full range marine graded amplifier with fully variable high pass and low pass crossovers (Power rating: 4Ω - 70W x 4/ 4Ω Bridged - 250W x 2)
  • A waterproof Bluetooth head unit with a 3.5 jack input for wire connection
  • Being a universal UTV sound system means it will fit any machine with a roll bar/Cage. 
  • Our unique quick mount system allows for an easy DIY installation that does not require a lot of time.

N5 speakers

N5 Noam Audio

  • The N5 Side by Side speakers have a power rating of 75W RMS.
  • They feature a 3" passive radiator in the back of the pod which provides an increased bass experience.
  • These passive radiators also provide a bigger sound. So essentially these  5.25" sound bigger than 6.5" speakers and take up less room inside the cab.
  • Their mounting solution allows for a 140 degrees swivel, meaning they can be rotated in order to achieve the optimal sound experience. 

NOAM N5 speakers specifications



Max RMS Power Handling (Watts)


Peak Power Handling (Watts)


Impedance (Ohms)


Waterproof rating


NSUB UTV Subwoofer

NSUB UTV subwoofer

  • This subwoofer was designed by a highly qualified team of mechanical and audio engineers and provides good value for money. 
  • This Side By Side Subwoofer has a 10” woofer and two 3"x6" passive radiators on the back of the woofer, giving it that extra flex to push the air around it.
  • This Subwoofer is also equipped with a super efficient NEO motor.
  • The NSUB Subwoofer is the first ever bar mounted shallow UTV subwoofer. Having the subwoofer placed above or behind your head allows you to really feel it in an open environment. 
  • It fits perfectly with the  HS4 amplifier, which really takes this UTV subwoofer to its limit.

NOAM NSUB UTV subwoofer specifications

Subwoofer Specifications


Max RMS Power Handling (Watts)


Peak Power Handling (Watts)


Passive Radiator

A Pair of   3”x 6”

Impedance (Ohms)



86 dB @ 1W/1M

Waterproof rating


HS4 amplifier

HS4 marine grade amplifier
  • A 4 channel amplifier with fully variable high pass and low pass crossovers. Meaning when paired with non NOAM speakers it is possible to adjust the amp settings in order to maximize the speakers performance.
  • This marine graded amplifier is produced using a Die cast technology which ensures its durability and waterproof rating.
  • This amplifier can power up to 4 Full range speakers and a subwoofer.

HS4 UTV amplifier specifications:

Amplifier Specifications


RMS Power Output (Watts x Channels)

70 X 4

Bridged Power (Watts x Channels)

250 X 2

Minimum Impedance Bridged


Minimum Impedance Unbridged


Amplifier Class








Waterproof rating


NBTR - Marine Bluetooth Controller

NBTR marine grade head unit

Noam audio’s marine bluetooth controller is designed to be flush mounted in the dash (2.75" cutout hole). The set also includes a pair of 9' Male-Male RCA cables and a Noam audio rocker switch. Advantages of the NBTR Marine bluetooth controller include:

  • Designed for marine and powersports applications.
  • IPX6 water resistance rating.
  • Bluetooth® connectivity.
  • Wireless connection range up to 35ft*
  • 3.5mm jack auxiliary audio input.
  • RCA pre-output and remote turn-on to connect external amplifiers.
  • Can be used as a  stand-alone source unit/receiver.
  • Easy to use - LED illuminated push buttons.
  • One hole design for easy installation.
  • Includes 9' RCA cables and a NOAM rocker switch.

* Conditions may vary the maximum range.

NOAM UTV Speakers’ Unique quick  mounting system

UTV sound system mount

Noam audio’s UTV speakers have a unique clamping system. The mounting clamps will fit 1.5”, 1.75”, 1.85” & 2” bars, covering most of the UTV models in the market today, such as Polaris RZR, ALL CANAMs and more. We also provide a clamping kit for bar sizes over 2”.

This unique clamping system was especially designed by us to provide a quick and seamless installation.


All our UTV sound systems arrive with everything needed for installation.

All wires and cables are included and color coded to allow for a simple plug and play DIY installation.

Waterproof rating of NOAM UTV sound system

As mentioned above, any UTV sound system must have superior waterproofing. 

Our amplifiers, speakers and subwoofer all have IPX6 waterproof rating.

Meaning they are perfect for riding in the rain, snow or mud.

So to summarize the NUTV5 waterproof UTV sound system has the following features:

  • IPX6 waterproof and weatherproof speakers and amplifier
  • 5.25’’ speakers that sound much bigger
  • A mountable shallow 10” subwoofer with a deep rich bass.
  • Durable heavy duty housing to withstand the rough and tough environment it is meant to work in
  • Bluetooth and wired connection that allows even music streaming where there is no reception.
  • Plug & Play DIY installation - all accessories included.

These are the best waterproof UTV speakers and sound systems available at these price ranges.

So if you are in the market for a budget UTV sound system and do not want to compromise on the quality of your tunes, we are the best in the game. 

The NUTV5 Series can be purchased online here. And our team of UTV sound system professionals are available should you have any questions or comments about any of our products. Contact us today