Can-Am Sound System: Everything You Should Know

Are you planning to hit the trails any time soon? There is no better adventure partner than the Can-Am lineup that includes the Can-Am Commander, Defender, and Maverick. Every road trip deserves a great Can-Am sound system, whichever model you choose. 

First, let’s discuss the differences between the three SXS all-terrain vehicles (ATVs): Commander, Defender, and Maverick.

  • Can-Am Commander
  • This versatile UTV was designed for both work and play. It has a dual-level cargo box that’s great for hunters. There is enough space for hunting gear and Can-Am Commander accessories, including a Can-Am Commander sound system.

  • Can-Am Defender
  • The Defender is designed for work and utility use, with a focus on durability, capability, and versatility. Farmers and laborers prefer this vehicle as it can tow up to 3,000 pounds. You can easily pair it with the Can-Am Defender audio system, which includes some top-notch Can-Am speakers.

  • Can-Am Maverick
  • The Maverick is designed for sport and recreational use, with a focus on speed, handling, and agility. This vehicle has a powerful engine that allows drivers to maneuver challenging terrains. You need a high-quality and appropriate Can-Am Maverick sound system and compatible Can-Am Maverick UTV speakers that can handle the ebb and flow of demanding trails. 

    What Is the Ideal Can-Am Sound System?

    When it comes to adding audio to your Can-Am UTV, you have two main options: OEM sound systems and roll bar speakers. While OEM sound systems are factory-installed and designed to integrate seamlessly with your UTV's electrical system, roll bar speakers are aftermarket add-ons that attach to your UTV's roll cage or other areas using clamps or brackets. Here are some key differences between OEM sound systems and roll bar speakers:

    Installation: OEM sound systems are typically installed by the manufacturer during the production process, while roll bar speakers are installed by the owner or a third-party vendor after the fact. Installing an OEM sound system by yourself, will require the removal of Kick or door panels and for you to be familiar with the electrical system and other components of the CAN AM. On the other hand, installing tower / Roll bar speakers does not necessarily require you to remove any vehicle parts and depending on the brand you choose, installation can be plug and play and done in a few hours.  

    Customization: Roll bar speakers are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, allowing you to customize your audio system to your exact preferences. This can be especially useful if you're looking for a unique look or specific features that may not be available with an OEM system.


    Affordability: Roll bar speakers are generally more affordable than OEM sound systems, making them a great option if you're on a tight budget. Additionally, roll bar speakers are often sold individually or in pairs, so you can start with a basic system and add additional speakers over time as your needs and budget allow.


    Flexibility: Roll bar speakers can be installed in a variety of locations on your Can-Am UTV's roll cage, allowing you to customize the sound direction and coverage to your preferences. This can be especially useful if you frequently ride with passengers or if you prefer to position your speakers for maximum sound quality and clarity.


    Upgradability: If you choose a roll bar speaker system, you can upgrade or replace individual components as needed, allowing you to continue using your existing components and wiring while upgrading to new speakers, amplifiers, or other audio equipment.


    Compatibility: Roll bar speakers are designed to be compatible with a wide range of UTVs and other off-road vehicles, making them a versatile and practical choice for many riders. Additionally, many roll bar speakers are Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or other device.

    What Makes a Good Can-Am Sound System and Can-Am Speakers?

    A Can-Am deserves a good sound system. This vehicle needs a system that will enhance your off-road experience, blasting your favorite tunes along the ride. 

    What are the criteria for a good SXS sound system?

    Easy Installation

    Choosing and installing a sound system should not be complicated. All you need to do is find a Can-Am Commander Sound System compatible with this SXS. Make sure that the system you choose comes with all the wires and accessories needed to install it, in order to allow for a seamless plug and play installation. 

    The NOAM N5 Marine grade PowerSport Tower Speakers sound systems arrive with all the accessories needed for a quick installation. Its unique quick-mount system will enable you to mount those marine graded Tower speakers within about 60 seconds. You don’t need any tools to complete the process. 


    Your Can-Am Defender audio system should not break your budget. But this doesn’t mean that you must pick the cheapest speakers in the UTV sound system market. It’s all about getting the best possible value for your money. 


    Great speakers don’t just need to sound good; they must have the ability to make music sound exceptional. You want your Can-Am speakers to have a full sound or the ability to add a separate subwoofer to your set up.  For instance, NOAM N5 tower speakers have a special feature, a 3” passive radiator on the back of their pod, which increases the output of low frequency sound waves. This allows the speakers to produce a wider range of sound waves, from High to low. Another advantage of these passive radiators is that they allow the speakers to sound much bigger than they actually are. 


    Bulky speakers may affect the aesthetics of your Can-Am vehicle and more importantly they might obstruct your view while driving. At the same time, small speakers might not be loud enough to be heard while driving.. The ideal speaker size for SXS is around 5.25 inches and above.

    NOAM Audio NUTV5-S QUAD sound system installed on a 2022 Can Am X3 XMR Turbo RR


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of speakers are compatible with Can-Am UTVs?

    Tower speakers are ideal for Can-Am UTVs. They are easy to install and provide fantastic audio. 

    The NOAM N5 Marine grade speakers are perfect for the Can-Am Commander, Defender, and Maverick. They are the right size, arrive with all the necessary wiring harnesses  and their unique quick-mount system will ensure a quick and easy installation. 

    Can I connect my phone or other devices to the speakers on my Can-Am UTV? 

    As long as your CAN AM sound system has a Bluetooth capability, whether it’s a head unit with a Bluetooth connection or Powered Bluetooth speakers, you should be able to connect your phone or any other streaming device. 

    Do Noam audio speakers fit Can-Am UTVs?

    Yes. The NOAM N5 speakers are made for any UTV/Side by Side that has a cage or a roll bar. The quick-mount handle makes them easy to install on any Can-Am model.. 

    Can I add additional speakers to my Can-Am UTV?

    If you already have an OEM sound system installed on your CAN AM and you would like to add more speakers or a subwoofer to it you should first make sure your current head unit / controller has an AUX/RCA out that will allow you to connect a second sound system to it and control all your speakers from just one device.  

    Is there a specific wiring harness I need to install NOAM speakers on my Can-Am UTV?

    No. All the wirings you need for the sound system and other accessories are included in the box. If you do not already own one ,you may need a 13mm nut wrench to tighten the quick-mount handle when you install the speakers. 

    Every Can-Am UTV, whether you are driving a Maverick, Defender, or Commander, needs an exceptional Can-Am sound system to make your off-road adventure unforgettable. Find great deals on compatible sound systems and speakers at Noam Audio now!