Polaris Sound System: What You Need to Know

The Polaris sound system is the answer for drivers who enjoy music as much as they enjoy riding. Whether you have the RZR, RANGER, or GENERAL, you need an outstanding Polaris sound system to make every trip more fun and every adventure layered with things you enjoy. 

What’s the difference among the Polaris models RZR, COMMANDER, RANGER? 

The RANGER is built for work on the farm or ranch, while the RZR is made for fun and adventure. The GENERAL is somewhere in between. 

Here are more details about the Polaris side-by-side (SxS) UTVs:

  • Polaris RZR - The best features of the RZR include quick acceleration, nimble handling, and all-day comfort on the most challenging terrains. Models include the RZR Trail and RZR Trail S, which have a slight build for narrow trails. The multi-terrain vehicles include the RZR XP 1000 and RZR PRO XP. 
  • Polaris RANGER - The RANGER is built for work. It is strong, with large hauling and towing capacities—perfect for farm or ranch work. The interior has plenty of legroom, so you can work in comfort. RANGER models include the SP 570 and SP 570 Premium. 
  • Polaris GENERAL - The GENERAL is made for a little bit of work and a lot of adventure, making it a highly versatile do-it-all SxS. Among its models are the two-seater GENERAL 1000 and the GENERAL XP 1000, which has two-seater and four-seater options. 
  • Each of these UTVs can be fitted with an excellent Polaris sound system


    7 Important Features of the Polaris Sound System

    A lot of drivers find that a top-of-the-line Polaris stereo system is a necessity for their rides. And we tend to agree that no adventure is complete without the right tunes to accompany it. 

    But you can’t just have any type of sound system or speakers for Polaris vehicles. They need to be built especially for these UTVs (SXS), which have to compete with a lot of environmental noise. Plus, these systems need to be of heavy duty, so they continue to rock on despite the rough terrain they are playing on. 

    A sound system is a complete audio package that includes the following:

  • Head unit
  • Multiple speakers (e.g., Polaris RANGER speakers)
  • Subwoofers (e.g., RZR subwoofer)
  • Amplifier
  • Wiring harness

    There are certain sound systems that are more compatible for specific Polaris UTVs. Compatibility is crucial—it can be challenging to make just any sound system adapt to these UTVs. 

    What should you look for in a sound system for a Polaris UTV?

    1. Sound Quality

    Sound quality is of utmost importance in a SXS, which is an open vehicle. The whirring of the engine coupled with outdoor noise will compete with your Polaris Ranger/RZR/General sound system’s output. The speaker’s power rating should be at least 50 RMS watts in order to be heard clearly.  

    2. Weather and waterproof ratings

    UTVs are outdoor vehicles, so the Polaris stereo system or sound system must be able to withstand changing weather conditions. A Polaris RANGER audio system or Polaris RANGER sound system must continue to blast sounds amidst a windy, rainy, or even snowy ride. The same goes for the Polaris sound system for both the RZR and GENERAL. 

    To verify the waterproof rating of your Polaris stereo system, look for the IPX rating. IP stands for Ingress Protection, and the IPX rating measures the equipment’s ability to withstand solid and liquid substances. The higher the rating, the better. 

    4. Bluetooth and AUX Connectivity

    These days music is often streamed from smartphones and other gadgets therefore you want to make sure your head unit has a Bluetooth option. However, using the Bluetooth option can also drain the battery of the device you are using, so it is always wise to have the option to use an AUX cord as well. So, we advise making sure you have both options in the GENERAL, RANGER, or RZR sound system you choose

    5. RIDE COMMAND Compatibility

    RIDE COMMAND is a navigation panel on the Polaris vehicle. A lot of riders find it is a vital connectivity feature where you can plan your route through pre-loaded trails, get in touch with fellow riders, and travel without getting lost, even when there is no cell service. 

    Not all Polaris Stereo Systems are able to integrate with the RIDE COMMAND head unit. This integration requires a special adapter that will allow you to connect the amplifier straight to the Ride command head unit and control the sound through it. In this case, there is no need for a controller or head unit as the Ride command head unit replaces them. 

    It is important to note that on RZR PRO XP models and 2022 and up models equipped with RIDE COMMAND, there is no option to run 2 amplifiers simultaneously, therefore if you already have stock speakers installed on your RZR, you might want to check if the RZR sound system you are purchasing can also power your stock speakers, in case you do not want to lose them. 

    NOAM offers a complete RIDE COMMAND solution for RZR/RANGER/GENERAL, our RIDE COMMAND sound systems arrive with a special adapter that allows for a seamless integration with your RIDE COMMAND.

    6. Installation

    Most Tower speakers/ Roll bar speakers are designed to fit round bars and cages.

    Since the Polaris GENERAL and RANGER have squared bars, it is recommended to find a wakeboard speaker mount that will allow you to easily install your Polaris GENERAL/RANGER stereo system. The RZR models have round bars so there is no need to purchase an external wakeboard mount to install the RZR sound system. 

    7. Budget

    Polaris vehicles are usually more expensive than the rest of the brands out there.

    But that does not mean you have to break the bank just to have some quality tunes while you ride.

    Make sure that for the money you are willing to spend on your Polaris sound system, you get the best return in sound and quality.

    Best Sound System for Polaris UTVs

    Check out some of these audio and tech systems built for your Polaris:

    Polaris RZR/RANGER/GENERAL Sound System

    An RZR sound system will get you in the groove while tearing those trails. The following sound systems are ideal for your adventures with the Polaris RZR.


    The latest version of the NUTV5-S is an excellent stereo system for your RZR/RANGER or GENERAL. It features two 5.25” roll bar speakers that actually sound much bigger due to the passive radiators located at the back of their pod. It also includes the NSUB - a 10-inch shallow subwoofer, also packed with two 3-inch by 6-inch passive radiators for an enhanced sound experience. Speakers and subwoofers are all powered by a brand-new heave duty 4 channel amplifier and the NBTR head Bluetooth head unit will allow you to stream music from any device. 

    All components of this sound system are IPX6 rated so they are weather and waterproof. 

    This system arrives with everything you need to install it, so there is no need to run to the store. And with our unique quick-mount system, mounting your RZR speakers will only take a few minutes. All and all you can install your RZR/RANGER/GENERAL sound system in a few hours with just the tools in your shed.


    The NUTV4 series is an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget, this Polaris sound system comes with two-way marine speakers that easily mount on any roll bar. It is also IPX6 rated and can withstand all weather conditions, so you can go on as many harrowing adventures as you want, rain or shine. These Polaris RANGER/RZR/GENERAL speakers (N4) comprises a 4-inch woofer and 1-inch PEO Neodymium Dome Tweeter. 

    This sound system also has a 4-channel amplifier and a Bluetooth head unit.

    It is important to note that this system was not designed to power a subwoofer so if you intend on adding one in the future the NUTV5 series is a better choice.

    People enjoy this Polaris RANGER/RZR/GENERAL sound system because of its fantastic sound at an affordable price. 

    NOAM audio NUTV5 QUAD sound system on Polaris RZR

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What types of tower speakers are compatible with Polaris RZR UTVs?

    Since the RZR has round roll bars there is a wide selection out there. All of NOAM audio’s sound systems will be a perfect choice as your Polaris RZR sound system. Whether it’s the NUTV5-S, NUTV5-S QUAD, NUTV5 QUAD, or NUTV5, they are all compatible with the RZR. It’s just a matter of choosing one that suits your budget and the size of your machine.

    I want to upgrade my Polaris Ride command speakers. What do I need to do?

    All you need to do is find a sound system with the right RIDE COMMAND adapter for your model. It is important to note that on RZR PRO XP models and all models 2022 and up which are equipped with RIDE COMMAND, there is no option to run 2 amplifiers simultaneously. Therefore if you already have stock speakers installed on your RZR, you might want to check if the RZR sound system you are purchasing can also power your stock speakers, in case you do not want to lose them. 

    Can I connect my phone or other devices to the speakers on my Polaris RZR UTV?

    As long as your Polaris RZR sound system has a Bluetooth controller or head unit you can easily stream music from any device.

    What kind of sound improvement can I expect from upgrading the speakers in my Polaris RANGER UTV?

    Usually, the stock speakers installed at the factory are not as loud as they should be for these types of vehicles. Therefore many riders are looking to enhance their sound quality. Adding more speakers or even just a subwoofer will provide a much fuller sound experience. 

    Bottom Line

    Your UTV adventure is not complete without the proper Polaris Sound System. Whatever music genre you are into, you need a high-quality sound system to ensure that will deliver those tunes without them being drowned by the engine or environmental noise. 

    Get a top-notch audio system with NOAM Audio. Any of its models will go well with your Polaris RZR, RANGER, or General. Click here to contact us for more information about our Polaris-compatible audio system.