How to Choose a UTV Stereo System

UTVs have become a common sight these days- with many farmers using them to survey their land or adventure enthusiasts using them for off-roading experiences. These versatile vehicles are getting bigger and better, and many owners are looking for ways to enhance the vehicle’s fun and functionality.

A great way to enhance your UTV riding experience is to add music. If music gets your adrenaline pumping, then we have just the thing for you- a detailed guide to choosing the best UTV stereo system for your ride.


Your Guide to Choosing the Best UTV/ATV Stereo System

Depending on your vibe, you can choose to go mild- or wild- with your UTV stereo sound system. For those who prefer minimalism, a marine-rated amplifier and a couple of speakers could be enough. A marine-rated stereo equipment is durable and built to withstand different climate conditions. They are obviously waterproof and therefore a classic addition to your UTV stereo system.

If you want to go all out, you could opt for a multi-speaker system and a subwoofer.

Here are the main factors that need to be considered when choosing a comprehensive UTV stereo system:


The Durability of Your UTV Stereo System

Your UTV stereo system is sure to come under heavy rain, bumps, muddy puddles, and other harsh conditions. Invest in a high-quality system that is capable of withstanding water, dirt, sunlight, corrosive salt, and other elements. While most UTV speakers are already weather-resistant, the degree of weatherproofing will vary.

If you want a UTV stereo system capable of enduring harsh weather conditions that will last you for years to come, you should buy one with a suitable IP rating.



The connectivity of your UTV stereo system is an important aspect  to consider.

Do you want a system that supports Bluetooth? Or do you want one that has an auxiliary cable connectivity? Would you prefer a system that provide both options?

With technology shifting to wireless mode these days, most audio brands are abandoning the AUX cord so you can play music on your UTV stereo without wiring it to your phone or laptop.

However, using Bluetooth to play music on your UTV sound system has a few drawbacks. For instance, Bluetooth connectivity may drain the battery of your phone/laptop.

Another challenge is that Bluetooth connectivity has a limited range. The music will stop if you go with your device beyond the limited range.

On the other hand, AUX connectivity is more flexible. Compared to Bluetooth, AUX may be an older technology, but many consider it more reliable because of its range. It also negates the need for frequent charging of the music-playing device.

It is advised to find a head unit that can provide you with both Bluetooth and AUX.


Your Budget

Your budget is essential when choosing a UTV stereo system, as bells and whistles on your UTV stereo system can cost you quite a bit. A simple UTV stereo system could be enough, but - one with a subwoofer can really take your experience to the next level and provide you with a much fuller sound experience.

If you are on a budget, it will be wise to make sure you are getting the best quality for the price you are willing to pay.

For instance, you should not compromise on the quality of sound or the durability of the stereo components.

You want to make sure the speakers you get are loud enough for you to hear while driving (what’s the point of buying a UTV stereo is you can only hear while you stop?)

And of course, as mentioned above, you want to be confident this stereo will be able to handle the rough terrain and weather conditions your UTV will be riding through.

In a nutshell, make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck, and that you are not settling for a very cheap system that will last you one riding season at best.


UTV Stereo System Placement

Depending on your machine, speakers can be placed in different places on your UTV. For instance, some machines that are fully enclosed or have 2 windshields might not have room for certain sizes of speakers. Make sure, to check the dimensions of the speakers and their mounting options Figure out where the UTV stereo system would fit best, and then choose the one that is just right. 

 UTV Stereo System

Best Sound Quality

Generally, the sound quality of your UTV stereo speakers largely depends on the audio system's price. And most people don’t mind shelling out the extra bucks!

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank just to enjoy some quality tunes during your rides.

The NUTV5-S is an excellent option that perfectly balances cost and optimum sound quality. The NUTV5-S has some great other features, too:

  • It is beautifully designed and built to last – Made from the best most durable materials used in the Powersport audio industry today.
  • All components of this stereo system are IPX6 rated.
  • The head unit is compatible with any Bluetooth device and has a 3.5 jack input (AUX)
  • The NUTV5-S UTV stereo speakers are relatively small in size (5.25’’) but sound much bigger due to the passive radiators located at the back of their pods.
  • The NUTV5-S subwoofer is a shallow 10” sub with a deep base that can be mounted above or behind the driver’s seat.
  • This stereo set has a unique quick mounting system that allows for a speedy and effortless installation
  • This Stereo set arrives with all accessories and wires needed for installation and all wires are color coded to allow for relatively easy installation.
  • The system will perfectly fit any machine with a 1.5 – 2.0-inch roll bars (Most UTV bar sizes will fall under these parameters). And if need be, we do offer bigger sizes as well.


Solving Your UTV Stereo System Challenges

Choosing the best UTV stereo system can be a complex task, given the array of features and specifications available in the market today. By understanding what exactly you need from your UTV stereo system and considering factors such as those mentioned in the guide, you can simplify the process.


UTV Stereo System FAQs

What is IP rating, and why should I consider it when investing in a UTV stereo system?

IP stands for internal protection and indicates your system's resistance to various weather elements such as water, sunshine, sand, or dirt. The two numbers of the IP rating represent solid and liquid resistance. This IP chart is a helpful reference.

What are woofers and tweeters?

Woofers are a type of speaker that produce sounds on the lower end (or bass) of the sound spectrum. Tweeters are the exact opposite and produce high-frequency sounds. Both speakers will, in their different ways, lend quality and depth to the music from your UTV stereo system.

Is it difficult to install a UTV stereo system?

While having some knowledge of your UTV’s electrical system is an advantage, it's not necessary. Most systems can be easily installed with the right tools and a clear set of instructions.

Can I customize my UTV stereo system?

Yes! Custom-building your UTV system is quite trendy nowadays, as many UTV enthusiasts want their music experiences just right and personal. If you want something that gives you all the right vibes, including great sound, weatherproofing, connectivity and durability, you can consider the NUTV5- S.