What to Look for in a RZR Subwoofer?

Thinking about Getting a RZR subwoofer?

There’s nothing like pairing the ultimate sport side-by-side (SxS) vehicle with the perfect sound system. This will ensure every ride you take is the best it can be.

Before we dig deep into the type of RZR subwoofer you need, let’s look at what it can do for your ride.

What is a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is defined as a type of loudspeaker that reproduces low frequencies. Every sound system should include a subwoofer if one wants to experience a well-rounded and balanced sound experience.

It is usually necessary for all-terrain and utility-terrain vehicles because they are open, and the audio has to compete with environmental sounds, including the ATV or UTV engine. The subwoofer produces bass region around 80 Hz to 150 Hz. So, a UTV subwoofer, specifically the RZR subwoofer, could make the sound system pop by extending the bass response.

Subwoofers basically work the same as loudspeakers but with optimized low frequencies. This way, your RZR stereo system will be able to overcome than the SxS engine and outdoor sounds.

A subwoofer usually comes in the following diameters:

  • 8”
  • 10”
  • 12”
  • 15”
  • 16”

It needs to be large enough to produce sound waves you don’t just hear but feel as well.

Does Your RZR Need a Subwoofer?

Every recreational vehicle should have a subwoofer! Even people not into music would enjoy the audio upgrade that a UTV subwoofer brings.

The Polaris RZR is among the most popular SxS brands because of its power and agility. The RZR lineup includes the following:

  • RZR Trail - A 50” SxS that provides comfort and immediate acceleration to get you through the trails fast.
  • RZR Trail S - Polaris claims the 60” SxS is the fastest on the market based on its size.
  • RZR XP - The multi-terrain model comes with two-seater or four-seater options with a rugged design course through all types of terrain with ease.
  • RZR PRO XP - Also available in two- or four-seater options, this SxS has much power with the DYNAMIX active suspension.
  • RZR Turbo R - The SxS comes at 74” with next-level control brought about by the DYNAMIX DV. It comes in two- and four-seater options.
  • RZR PRO R - The design is minimalistic yet complemented by its rugged strength at 225 HP throttle. There are two- and four-seater versions of the SxS.

Add an amazing sound system and accessories to any of these vehicles and experience UTV adventures like never before. The following are some of the audio systems you can fit into your RZR:

  • RZR Stereo System
  • RZR Tower Speakers
  • RZR Bluetooth Speakers
  • RZR/UTV Subwoofer

But you also need to know how to pick the right RZR subwoofer.

What to Look for in an RZR Subwoofer?

First, the main RZR audio kits must be of high quality so that the bass reproduced by the subwoofer is also top-notch. The UTV subwoofer only enhances what the RZR stereo system produces.

The following are some of the most important criteria for your RZR subwoofer:

1. The Perfect Fit

Subwoofers come in different shapes and forms, so you need one that perfectly complements your RZR stereo system and fits your RZR model. The enclosures that ensure the subwoofer is in place must be designed for the specific UTV.

2. All-Weather Resistance

UTVs are open vehicles, and in the middle of work or adventures, there are rarely places to stop and wait for extreme weather to pass. The vehicle has to soldier on, and so does everything that comes with it, including the passengers, Bluetooth RZR speakers, subwoofer, and RZR speakers for Ride Command. Exposure to extreme heat or rainwater could harm most sound systems, so you need to pick one that can withstand all types of weather.

3. Power Handling

Every UTV subwoofer on the market or any other RZR Bluetooth speakers comes with power handling ratings. The rating measures the limit of the electrical power the subwoofer can handle before it burns out. When pairing a subwoofer or RZR tower speakers with an amplifier it is important to make sure the amplifier’s power output is suitable to power the RZR subwoofer or tower speakers.

4. Installation

Installation matters when it comes to the RZR subwoofer and sound system as a whole. The subwoofer can be installed in different ways and in several areas of the UTV. Some prefer it overhead, at the back, front, or between the seats. It doesn’t matter where you have it as long as the area will not impede its ability to produce its optimal level of bass.

NOAM RZR subwoofer

Amplifier Matters Too

The quality of your RZR subwoofer also depends on your amplifier. A high-performance amplifier that can withstand the vibrations of the UTV. A fantastic amplifier will boat your amazing UTV subwoofer. Check this guide and learn how to pair an amplifier to a subwoofer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the subwoofer handle mud and dust?

Always look for UTV bass speakers, RZR tower speakers, RZR Bluetooth speakers, and subwoofers that are all-weather resistant. It means that they can handle extreme weather situations and even Mud and dust. Even when the subwoofer is rated as weather resistant, it is important to keep it clean as any residue on the speaker itself may impede it’s performance and eventually cause it to malfunction. Always wipe with a damp cloth, never power wash as high-pressure water can damage the speakers' cone.

Where is the best location to install the subwoofer in a RZR?

Some subwoofers were designed to be installed under the seat, under the dash or above/ behind the passengers' head. We at NOAM found that mounting a subwoofer on a roll bar behind or above the passengers head provides the best bass experience in an open environment such as a UTV. Therefore we ventured onto designing the first ever roll bar mounted UTV subwoofer

How much power does the subwoofer need?

Every subwoofer has its power rating, so it is important to match it with an amplifier that has a suitable power output. For instance, NOAM’s NSUB subwoofer’s power rating is 200W RMS which means it should be powered by an amplifier with a power output of 250W - 300W.

What size of subwoofer should I get for my RZR?

Subwoofers come in standard sizes 8”, 10”, 12”, 15”, and 16.” A bigger woofer will potentially provide a bigger range of lower frequency waves. One should consider the amount of space available inside the UTV and consider the size of the subwoofer accordingly.

Will adding a subwoofer drain my RZR’s battery quickly?

The RZR subwoofer will draw power from the RZR’s battery. When adding a subwoofer, It is recommended to upgrade the battery or go with a dual battery solution. And of course, limit the usage of the subwoofer and the entire sound system and RZR Bluetooth speakers when the engine is off so the battery doesn’t get drained quickly.