NUTV5-S - For Ride Command - All years RZR Pro XP, PRO R, Turbo R Trail S 1000 + 2022-2024 General

NUTV5-S - For Ride Command - All years RZR Pro XP, PRO R, Turbo R Trail S 1000 + 2022-2024 General

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California Prop 65 Warning

  • mud proof
  • snow proof

The NUTV5-S: Biggest Sound You Can Find For The Cost

This NUTV5-S version Does not include a controller/head unit. Instead, it includes our Ride Command® adapter.

This ride command will fit:

  • 2022-2024 General - For 2021 General Please contact us directly
  • All years RZR Pro XP, PRO R, Turbo R Trail S 1000

If you have any of the following Polaris models, please refer to the other ride command kit - click here:

  • 2018-2023 RZR 1000/Turbo XP  - For 2024 please contact us directly
  • 2018-2024 Ranger 1000
  • 2018-2020 General - For 2021 General Please contact us directly

The New NSUB subwoofer - The new NUTV5-S includes our new and much (!!) improved NSUB subwoofer. The 10" woofer and two 3"x6" passive radiators make this shallow subwoofer go hard on the lows.

Pair of NOAM N5 speakers featuring a 3" passive radiator on the back of the pod for an increased bass experience. at only 5.25" these speakers will beat any bigger 6.5" speakers. Your bike will have the perfect sized pods with the BIGGEST sound.

The All New HS4 Marine amplifier 
HS4 = the 'H' stands for Holy and we'll leave you guessing what the 'S' stands for. We gave it that name because that was our immediate reaction when we first heard it. We tooled this Die cast 4.5lb monster of an amplifier to withstand the rough and tough environment it is meant to work in! The HS4 is a 4-channel full range amplifier with fully variable high pass and low pass crossovers. These enable it to drive our NOAM N5 speakers and other full range speakers or subwoofers.

* Please note, a second battery, or a battery upgrade might be required in order to  run this system

IMPORTANT: When adding an after market sound system to the ride command, your original stock amplifier will not work, nor the stock speakers. The adapter used in this product includes four wires for your stock speakers. You will need an extra amplifier to hook to these four wires so the stock speakers will be amplified as well. If you buy this kit, you're eligible for an HS4 amplifier at 250$, instead of 330$. contact us with your order# to get the discounted 2nd amplifier.

IMPORTANT: The ride command head unit is notorious for its extremely low voltage output. This means that our system, as well as any other system, will not perform at its full capacity as it would if you use a head unit with a decent amount of output. Therefore, we highly recommend using our Bluetooth head unit for your audio needs.   Click here to checkout our Bluetooth controller systems

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