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Introducing the NSUB.2 - A Combo package including our famous NSUB subwoofer + The all-new BA1 mono amplifier!

The BA1 mono amplifier can push more than 300-watt RMS @2ohm into our new 2ohm NSUB subwoofer.  
The BA1 comes with both HI-Level and Low-Level input options, allowing you to hook it up to almost any sound system.
If your sound system or soundbar has AUX/RCA output, simply run RCA cables to the BA1 amplifier. If your current audio setup doesn't have AUX/RCA output, use the provided 10' Hi-Level to RCA cable.
Add some BASS to your current setup for a fuller and richer sound experience.
We always knew we wanted to create a UTV powered subwoofer that can be bar mounted.

Back then, when we started our research there were no UTV subwoofers that had a mounting option.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and after the first version of our SXS subwoofer, we were unhappy. That's the simple truth. 

Even though we received a lot of compliments for being the first to produce a bar-mounted shallow UTV subwoofer, we just knew it wasn't enough.

So we sent our R&D team back to work and retooled a whole new housing to create the Best UTV subwoofer.

We completely reinvented our Side By Side subwoofer to a 10" woofer with a super efficient Neo motor.

We even improved the two 3"x6" passive radiators on the back of the woofer, giving it that extra flex to push the air around it!

The results are just unbelievable. This woofer will fill the lows missing from your soundbar or tower speakers.

Being able to mount a shallow subwoofer 10-15 inches behind or above the passenger's head makes all the difference. You will actually get to enjoy the bass in an open environment. 

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