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N5 - Refurbished

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The All-New N5 Marine PowerSport Speakers

Condition: Refurbished (Look and feel new, no original packaging)

The new NOAM N5 speaker is like nothing you've seen before.

Living and breathing the side by side world and a lot of experience producing Marine stereo systems for UTV's got us to look for the best possible speakers for a UTV.

After a year and a half of development, we came with the perfect speakers. The N5 speakers are packed with new features and advantages:

Passive Radiator:

The NOAM N5 Marine speakers feature a 3" passive radiator on the back of the pod. When a speaker play, a lot of energy turns from the active speaker into the speaker's cabinet. The Passive radiator picks this wasted energy and translates it into vibrations. This increases the low-frequency response (Bass) of the speaker.
At only 5.25" the N5 speakers will sound like a much bigger speaker.


As mentioned above, the N5 speaker is just 5.25" but delivers sound like a much bigger speaker. Using 6.5" or bigger wakeboard tower speakers on a side by side just looks bulky. The N5 has a smaller package with bigger sound!

Quick-Mount handle:

The N5 has our unique mounting system. The Quick-Mount handle. will make your installation a fun and easy process. It shouldn't take you more than 60 seconds to mount the N5 speakers and you can do that without using any tools.
* It is recommended that after closing the handle with your hands, you'll use a 13mm nut Wrench to tighten the grip.

140° Degree Rotation:

The N5 mounting system allows you to rotate the speaker pod at 140°.
Thus, allowing you more option to mount the speakers and aim it towards you for the best audio experience!

* Including 12' of High-quality wire for each speaker *

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