The Best Noam Audio Off-Road Speakers for Your Adventures

Off-roading is a fun activity that can challenge you both physically and mentally. According to research, around 3.5 million Americans go off-roading each year. No doubt that something this type of adventure needs is high-quality off-road sound systems or off-road speakers.

There are different types of off-road vehicles, ATV, UTV, Jeeps and more. But, no matter what you ride, it is essential that you get off-road audio gear. Regular sound systems and speakers just won’t do.

What to Look for in an Off-Road Speaker

Why do you need an off-road sound system? First because there’s nothing like hitting the trails with your favorite tunes playing.

Off-roading means riding on rocky, sandy or muddy terrain. You will need impeccable off-road audio gear that can handle any terrain your vehicle can.

Being on open terrain also means the vehicle and the passengers are exposed to the elements. You need an off-road sound system or off-road speakers that will be loud enough to compete with the environmental sounds and the noise coming from the engine.

The following are the things you should look for in an off-road speaker:

All-Weather Resistance

Part of the off-roading adventure is braving the environment and not stopping even through the harshest weather. Your UTV speakers should be able to handle anything your vehicle and passengers can. Different speakers are designed for different purposes so make sure you get the outdoor version, which should be weatherproof to handle all the elements.


When it rains, your off-road adventure isn’t just about surviving the rain. Expect mud to get into the vehicle and your ATV or UTV speaker as well. Ensure your off-road sound systems and corresponding portable off-road speaker or compact off-road speaker are all mud-resistant.


There will be plenty of bumps on every off-road trip. Every time the vehicle drives through puddles, potholes, and rugged terrains, the vehicle is expected to move at all angles. Regular speakers would either produce erratic sounds or would stop projecting audio altogether. Shockproof speakers and amplifiers will ensure you enjoy the music no matter how crazy the terrain becomes.

Easy to Install

The sound system and corresponding speakers, even if it is a portable off-road speaker, must be installed so that it stays in place. Driving through rugged terrains means there is a possibility that the audio system and its accessories will be dislodged unless installed properly. Find items that have brackets that make the off-road speaker easy to install on ATVs or UTVs.

Great Audio

Obviously, you would want a UTV audio system that has excellent sound quality. It is advised to test the speakers with different genres of music to make sure the sound quality meets your expectations and that you receive an ample amount of high mid and low frequencies.


When considering an off-road sound system, ensure your off-road speaker can connect via Bluetooth or AUX. 

The Best NOAM Off-Road Speaker

What is the best off-road speaker for your adventures? Check out the following speakers that will take your ride to a whole new level:

N4 Marine Speakers

The N4 Marine speakers may be small (4”), but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to sound — which is precisely what you need in a compact off-road speaker. These speakers are extremely loud and precise even at full volume. They come in sets of 2 or 4 speakers and will easily mount on any roll bars between 1.5” and 2”. It checks all the boxes too, as they are all-weatherproof, mudproof, and shockproof.

Moreover, the speakers have a power rating of 50W RMS with a frequency response of 100-200 KHz and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms.

The N4 Marine Speakers are ideal for the following vehicles:

  • All types of UTVs (Polaris, Can Am, Kawasaki, Honda, CFMOTO and more)
  • Golf carts
  • Other 12V-operated vehicles equipped with roll bars

 NOAM N4 off road speakers

NOAM N5 Speakers

Part of the NUTV5 Series which is our flagship off-road sound system. These compact off-road speakers are 5.25”.  But don’t let the size fool you, due to the 3” passive radiator located at the back of their pod they actually produce a very big sound and sound more like 6.5”. The entire NUTV5 Series is also Bluetooth capable so that you can stream music from any device such as Apple Android etc.

The power rating of these speakers is 150W MAX /75W RMS.

NOAM N5 off road speakers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect my phone or other devices to the off-road speakers?

Yes, all NOAM Audio sound systems are Bluetooth-enabled and arrive with a Bluetooth head unit.

What models of NOAM AUDIO off-road speakers are available?

NOAM AUDIO has two off-road sound systems series, the NUTV4 and NUTV5 series, and both include sets of 2 or 4 off-road speakers. The NUTV4 is considered an entry level sound system while the NUTV5 is high end.  Both speakers are small in size but pack a big punch.

Can I use NOAM AUDIO off-road speakers on any type of off-road vehicle?

Yes, as long as the vehicle is 12V operated and has roll bars.

How do I install NOAM AUDIO off-road speakers?

NOAM’s off-road audio gear includes a quick-mount system that lets you easily install the off-road speaker on your ATV or UTV. The grip on this system is very strong, so you don’t have to worry about possible dismount when going through the roughest terrains.