NBC - Two Output Marine Bluetooth Controller

NBC - Two Output Marine Bluetooth Controller

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  • mud proof
  • snow proof

The NBC Bluetooth controller - First of its kind

It took us a long time. Too long, actually. But we got the exact result we've been looking for! The best Marine Bluetooth controller on the market! 

The NBC is a revolutionary Bluetooth controller because it has Two RCA outputs and it gives the user the ability to control Two different amplifiers or Two different zones separately and simultaneously! 

Of course, we didn't invent multiple audio outputs, but to get this level of control from such a small-footprint Bluetooth controller...

The NBC has both Bluetooth 5.0 and AUX input so you can stream your music or hardwire directly to an audio source.

The NBC comes with 3 mounting options:

  1. Flush mount to go right on the dash
  2. Surface mount in case you don't want to drill any holes
  3. Handlebar mount
    * Handlebar bracket sold separately

The NBC's main Volume knob will control both AMP1 and AMP2 output, while the AMP2 volume buttons will control AMP2 output, separately.

Let's give it an example:

Say you have one amplifier with full-range speakers and another amplifier with subwoofers. You're riding at a speed of 45-65MPH. You want both your amplifiers at 100% volume! You Turn the main volume knob all the way to 100%, and both amps will follow. You're rocking the trail, road, or lake!
Now, let's say you park your machine and the full-range speakers are too dang loud, so you want the volume at 70%, but the subwoofers... well, there's never too much bass, right? So you want the subwoofers at 100% volume. You will lower the main knob 3 klicks down and push the AMP2+ button 3 clicks up - your full-range speakers are at 70% volume while your subwoofers are at full blast.

As we do at NOAM, the NBC package includes EVERYTHING you need:

  • NBC Bluetooth controller with 10' of power wires including; 12v+, Ground and 2 remote-out wires
  • 2 pairs of 10' RCA cables 
  • 3 mounting plates and installation screws

Of course, if you have any questions, you know where to find us! service@noamaudio.com

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