prices are going up

It is no secret that the past 2 years have been rough for both consumers and manufacturers. The impact of the COVID-19 crises on shipping costs and raw materials has left most companies with no choice but to raise the prices for their consumers.

We here at NOAM have held off raising prices as long as we could, but unfortunately our time is up.

In order for us to continue producing the same high quality products we have been producing for years we had no choice but to revise our pricing strategy.

We have decided to raise prices, but we are not greedy, the new price of some products does not even cover the extra manufacturing cost.Ā 

Our mission is and will always remain providing excellent quality products and service for those who refuse to break the bank just to enjoy great sound!

We are committed to this goal and promise to always do our best to achieve it.


Guy .G.

Founder and CEO of NOAM Audio